Sadface and his Zamyad

The Zamyad 24 is a light pick up truck made in Iran by Saipa. It is based on the last Nissan Junior from the early 1980s, but with some modifications and improved engines. We don’t have an exact equivalent in the United Kingdom, but in purpose and functionality it might be considered the Ford Transit […]

Learning Persian at Dehkhoda

I had learned some Persian in London. I had visited Iran and spoken some Persian with Iranians. I took the plunge: I decided to study Persian full time in Iran at Dehkhoda. The application process took some time, but eventually my visa was issued. I organised a flight, and then one day I arrived in […]

My First Visit to Iran – Final Thoughts

Iran was not what I was expecting or anticipating it to be. What was the basis for my expectations? I have already alluded in another post to the travel advice concerning Iran from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which was negative. According to that advice, I was half-expecting to be chased down the road by […]

My First Visit to Iran – Māsuleh

Masuleh is a village in the northern province of Gilan that was mentioned in Dr Moqaddam’s books. Further reading showed it has some unique characteristics and architecture. It seemed like an interesting place to visit, so I added it to my ‘to see’ list. The people in this part of Iran speak Gilaki, an Iranian […]