Zarafshan – Tulips for Mothers

In 2018 while studying at Dehkhoda, I learned by word of mouth a story about Zarafshan Street (خیابان زرافشان) in Eivanak (ایونک), west Tehran which was full of thousands of tulips (لاله /lā’leh/). Apparently one had to see these flowers to appreciate them. I took a taxi there to see for myself. Despite the sky […]

Iranian handicrafts exhibition, and Iranian cloths

I heard through the grapevine (درخت انگور /de’rakht’e an’goor/) about the 32nd National Handcrafts Exhibition at the Tehran International Exhibition Center, not far from me in Velenjak. Iran generally uses the American spelling of the word ‘centre’. (Incidentally there is a ‘Centre Street’ in New York). This exhibition centre is huge. I took a minicab […]

My First Visit to Iran – Final Thoughts

Iran was not what I was expecting or anticipating it to be. What was the basis for my expectations? I have already alluded in another post to the travel advice concerning Iran from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which was negative. According to that advice, I was half-expecting to be chased down the road by […]